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PGD Alpha Skottsäker väst DELTA IIIA + 55J

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PGD-ALPHA bulletproof vest is the king, the alpha male, the general… you get it, it is the best of best of bulletproof vests.

What is the advantage of this bulletproof vest?

  • It is very slim. It keeps the weight down. It weighs only 1,7-1,8 kg./ 3.7-4 lbs for a medium size.

  • It is flexible so you retain the freedom of movement to perform at your best.

  • It follows the shape of the body, so you hardly notice that you are wearing it.

  • The vest has been tested to the highest level of protection, NIJ level IIIA (3A), to stop the latest and most advanced threats from hand-guns.

PGD ALPHA bulletproof vests comes in two ballistic solutions:

 BRAVO IIIA + 27J, is our basic soft armor. It meets all the requirements you want to set for an ordinary bulletproof vest.

 DELTA IIIA + 55J, is more flexible, thinner, lighter and more resistant to stabs than BRAVO.


DELTA IIIA + 55J is very similar to BRAVO IIIA + 55J, however, the difference is that DELTA is more flexible, thinner (only 4.9 mm) and is stab proof up to 55 joules.

Delta consists of Goldshield from Honeywell, and is our most flexible bullet and stabproof vest, which shapes itself to both men and women's bodies.


  • NIJ IIIA 0101.04

  • NIJ 0115.00 S1 55 joules, which makes it twice as stab-proof as the Bravo model.

  • Ultra thin, only 4.9 mm.

  • 10/10 flexibility

  • UNISEX - works as a bullet and stab-proof vest for both men and women.

Best bulletproof vest with technology that keeps the body temperature just right.

In our ALPHA IIIA - BRAVO and DELTA bulletproof vest we use Outlast® PCM technology. It is a NASA technology that keeps your body neither too hot nor too cold but keeps the body temperature just right.

Outlast® PCM helps you to wear the vest for long periods of 12-14 hours at a time.

Because Outlast® is a technology - not a material - it can both hold and release heat. Ordinary traditional mesh / sweat-absorbing materials only help you get rid of the heat but do not keep you warm if you freeze.

A bulletproof vest with Outlast® is like having a duvet that you do not kick off at night because you sweat, or lack in the morning because you are freezing.

If you are on guard or patrolling, it makes a huge difference to your ability to perform when the equipment adapts to your needs. Outlast® technology helps with that.


Bulletproof vest with water-repellent material.

The bulletproof panels come in a water-repellent cover, which is sealed with our Ultrasonic sealing technology. It provides a 100% water-repellent seal. All forms of sweat and water are rejected and this keeps the ballistic property intact.

That's why we offer a 7-year guarantee on all our bulletproof panels. That is 2 years more than the standard requires.

All in all, you get a secure vest, that is designed to stop the most advanced threats from shots and knives, where both comfort and level of protection are top-notch.


Technical specifications:

  • 7-year ballistic warranty

  • 100% water/sweat resistant ultrasonic sealed PU cover

  • Unisex (can be used by both men and women)

  • Concealed design

  • 2-year warranty on the carrier

  • It is possible to add hard armor plates in both front and back.

    • S-M accepts S ESAPI

    • L-XL accepts M ESAPI

    • XXL, 10x12, M ESAPI

    • XXXL, 10x12, M and L ESAPI

We are also very proud that the vest is 100% manufactured in Denmark, Europe at our own factory. The alpha carrier system with Outlast PCM technology ensures that the bulletproof vest sits as it should and protects everything it is created for.


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