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TIW Super Defense UV 63ML Defense Spray

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Product Description:


Defense spray 63ML with jet spurt!

New updated version of the popular TIW CRIMINAL IDENTIFIER defense spray. TIW SUPER DEFENSE comes in the same version of jar (63ml) that the police sometimes use in Sweden.

Just like the police's OC spray, TIW SUPER DEFENSE also has a jet and the same trigger mechanism!

TIW SUPER DEFENSE has also been upgraded with stronger acting substances and UV marking which makes it even harder for an attacker to try to hide that they have been exposed to this self-defense spray.

TIW defense spray has a professional design and a powerful jet that reaches up to an incredible 4-5 meters. TIW is a bestseller in Europe and Sweden.

With a defense spray with a lower pressure than TIW, you risk getting your own defense spray in the eyes of yourself when it blows hard. However, this will not happen with TIW. With 35 kg pressure in spray power, you know that the attacker always hits regardless of the wind! (keep in mind, however, that the range may decrease in strong headwinds).

High deterrent!

TIW is very similar to the police's pepper spray for design and appearance and therefore also has a high deterrent against attackers!

Effects on an attacker with TIW assault spray

  • Shock effect: TIW's powerful jet (35kg pressure) becomes like a "slap" in the face, the attacker is effectively put out of action.
  • Color & Blinds: TIW covers an attacker with a blue sticky gel / foam and a special substance that colors bright blue and blinds the eyes. The color adheres extra well to skin and is very difficult to remove.
  • The marking of the attacker with UV which means that an attacker can be revealed afterwards with a UV flashlight.

Wear a legal defense spray like TIW!

TIW (Temporary identification witness) defense spray is a license-free self-defense spray that is legal to use in an emergency situation, this in contrast to pepper spray and tear gas spray which is illegal in Sweden.

Professional manufacturing guarantees high quality!

Hoernecke (www.hoernecke.de) which manufactures TIW is one of the world's largest manufacturers of defense sprays and this guarantees you the highest quality. Hoernecke provides, among other things, the Swedish defense with their pepper spray and the German police. Youtube clip below from Hoernecke´'s product film.

Technical facts TIW self-defense spray

  • Powerful beam that reaches up to 4-5 meters.
  • The beam is not sensitive to wind (keep in mind, however, that the range may decrease in strong headwinds).
  • Facilitates identification of the attacker.
  • Blue gel & special substance colors and blinds the eyes.
  • Flip Top firing mechanism (as on police pepper spray)
  • Labeling with UV
  • 63ml
  • Shelf life +3 years
  • License free in Sweden
  • May only be used in emergencies


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