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PGD-Berserker Cheap SAPI Hard armor NIJ level 3

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Product Description:

Cheap SAPI Hard armor | NIJ level 3 | PGD-Berserker

If you need a economical ballistic plate that protects super well, then the PGD Berserker plate may be the right one for you.

PGD Berserker is manufactured in Europe with European materials and comes in protection level NIJ level 3.
The size is 10x12‘’ and it fits almost all carriers, as this is the standard size for plates.


The plate has a thin layer of protective foam so that the ceramic is protected against impact.
It is not a foam that degrades edge-to-edge protection.

The plate is made in our new "heat sealed" water-resistant cover.
It keeps water, oil and other fluids away from the plate without damaging the ballistic properties.

Description plate

Why can PGD-Berserker be a cheap plate without compromising on quality?

We use AL203 Ceramics, which is known to be an economical and a very stable solution without compromising on quality.

PGD-Berserker is cheaper than PGD U-line but protects just as well. The price can be kept very low because the materials in PGD-Berserker weigh a little more than the other plates. It does not go beyond how it protects.

By making the single curve plate instead of the multi-curve and letting it protect at NIJ level 3, you get the strongest stand-alone plate we sell. You do not need a soft armor to use PGD-Berserker. Even though it is a cheap plate we have used a SAPI cut design. It lets you have free movement at the arms without hitting the plate.

PGD-Berserker has edge-to-edge protection, which means that the plate protects the entire plate. If the plate does not have edge-to-edge protection, the edge is made of hard foam, which does not protect you from projectiles. The foam at the edge means that the plate covers approx. ⅓ less. Foam is a cheat that some manufacturers use to keep the price down. Our plates all have edge-to-edge protection and both Ultra and Berserker are made of ceramic, which protects extra well.

Description plate PGD

NIJ Level 3 

The plate stops the following:

  • 6 shots 7.62x51 NATO, M80 (NEW 0101.06)
  • 6 shots 7.62x39 MSC
  • 6 shots 5.56x45 SS109 / M855

Plate specifications:

  • Tested for NIJ III (7.62 * 51 NATO)
  • Stand-alone - Requires no soft armor
  • Weighs only 2,5 kg / 5.6 lbs
  • 21 mm thin
  • 10x12’’ (30x25 cm)
  • Single curved
  • SAPI / Shooters cut
  • Warranty: 7-year warranty. That's 2 years more than the law gives you.




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